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May 6, 2021

Anyone worth their salt in gaming knows that it requires split-second decisions!

 And split-second decisions cannot happen via satellite due to transmission latency.

‘What is that?’, I hear you ask. Well, latency is the unavoidable delay caused by the distance that data needs to travel up to the satellite and back again. In other words, latency is how much time it takes for the game server to recognise an action you take and react accordingly. 

Even a half a second delay results in game-death before you’d even known it happened! There’s just no way around it.

Your device sends a signal request through your modem to your MorClick satellite dish and then up to our orbiting satellite, which sends a signal to us. We then transmit the signal back to the satellite, then to your dish, your modem, and finally, your device. All of this happens in less than half of a second!

For example, if you are playing Diablo in Heroes of the Storm and you need your Shadow Charge ability, you hit it and, due to latency (the time it takes for the game server to realise you’ve hit Shadow Charge) you will lag out and miss the move because the game did not realise in time that you hit the button. Or in Overwatch. Dodging enemy players’ ultimates and shooting back has to happen quickly for you to earn that play-of-the-game recognition.

So in gaming – It is vital that the game server recognises that you have hit an action immediately, which it simply cannot do due to the fact that your data has to travel a HUGE distance to satellites orbiting above Earth, then to the game server, then back to the satellite, and finally back to you.