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Congratulations to our laptop-winner

For Barbara Gaspar living off-grid on a small holding between Meyerton and Alberton, winning a R10K laptop hamper as part of MorClick’s January back-to-school promotion means that Barbara’s two teenagers can continue their schooling at home until the Covid-19 crisis passes.

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Satellite internet in heart of rural Zululand blueprint for solving SA education crisis

In response to Covid-19, satellite internet provider MorClick, in partnership with YahClick (powered by Huges), decided to support the work of NGO, KHULA Education, providing three months free internet to 15 schools in the remote Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift region of Zululand. Little did MorClick know that this relatively small attempt to make a difference would deliver learnings critical to the future of education in South Africa.

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Satellite technology enables farmers to live a fully connected life

Today, the internet is the mechanism through which humans conduct social and economic interaction. It is also the key to accessing a world of entertainment and learning as well as being an essential business tool. Without the internet modern social interaction or even basic administration, like banking and shopping, cannot happen.

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