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MorClick Satellite Internet Solutions, in partnership with YahClick (powered by Hughes), turns your home into a hub of connectivity for the whole family – no matter where you live!

Living in harmony with nature, experiencing less stress, less crime, less traffic, more space, cleaner air, and community-orientated living shouldn’t come at the expense of you and your family being cut off from the world.

Our refreshing solutions offer your family all the advantages a reliable, high-capacity Internet has to offer; e-learning, online banking & shopping, entertainment and staying connected to family & friends all over the world. The opportunities are endless!

So whether you are searching for a job, looking for love, streaming music, and movies, watching your favourite sport or looking to optimise your home automation and security – MorClick has a package to suit everyone under your roof.

Key Benefits and Applications


Cost-effective, fast and reliable connection


Internet browsing, e-mail, and social media


Unlimited data


Wide-reaching coverage


Products in varying speeds designed to suit your family needs


Support multiple user sessions i.e. while one family member watches the rugby – other family members can still surf the net, check Pinterest or search for a nice recipe to make for supper


Optimised to mitigate and limit weather fluctuations


Local service and support

Bring the world into your home today!

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