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Morclick Satellite
Internet Solutions

Coverage anywhere in South Africa

MorClick Satellite Internet Solutions, in partnership with YahClick (powered by Hughes) partners with you to enhance your business performance by providing a reliable, high-capacity, always-on Internet solution that gives instant access to online resources critical for business growth and success.

We offer a competitive advantage that enables you
to share information – easier and faster – with customers,
partners and suppliers.

Whether you are a single-person office or larger business, MorClick has a product to meet your budget and boost your business productivity.

We support email, web access and various business applications, either as a primary or backup solution for existing terrestrial Internet during network failures.

Products at varying speeds designed to suit your business needs.

Plus we offer free installation travel costs for up to a distance up to 60km!

Key Benefits and Applications


Cost-effective, fast and reliable connection


Internet browsing, e-mail, and social media


Unlimited data


Wide-reaching coverage


Products in varying speeds designed to suit your family needs


Support multiple user sessions i.e. while one family member watches the rugby – other family members can still surf the net, check Pinterest or search for a nice recipe to make for supper


Optimised to mitigate and limit weather fluctuations


Local service and support

Get the competitive edge!

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